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Qorn Qoin @ Shed Gallery 7/13/19
Atlantias Chronicles of the Atlantians Book I Exodus by Dr. Sol Adoni

Atlantias the Chronicles of the Atlantians is a series of books about the history of an advanced technological civilization that lived on a world that was dying. The sun of Atlantias had begun the change that all suns eventually experience. The sun of Atlantias had eventually become a light red color and its size grew greatly as it neared the end of its life cycle where it could no longer support most life forms.

For millennia the Atlantians had been planning for the day they would begin to exodus their dying world for a new home planet. The first book of the Chronicles of the Atlantians begins with the Exodus of the Atlantians from Atlantias for the new blue world of the Atlantians.

Qorn Qoin is a show at Shed Gallery located in Easton, PA that opened on July 13th 2019

Artists include..

Rene Abythe
Joel Cook
David Watson
Dayton Castleman
Bela Shayevich
David Sherman
Rebecca Williams
Michael Francis

Sollog created coffee using black oil and gold oil. Only a small percentage of Sollog Oils were done using very expensive Gold Oil paint.

Sollog Zodiac Art Coffee Nitro blends are Fan Favorites that will become a family heirloom due to the fame of Sollog as a mystic, author and artist.

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